Story of Palantir Technologies - Big Data Analysis Company

Kontan.com - In Silicon Valley, Palantir is a big market player  dominating business intelligence data with the valuation reached $ 20 billion. This success came from data analysis system offered Palantir to the CIA. US intelligence agencies have a client at the same time the first investor Palantir.
In 2004, not many startup companies that glanced intelligence data analysis sector. Seeing the great opportunities, Alexander Karp and colleagues at Stanford University and then try your luck with establishing Palantir Technologies engaged in big business intelligence data.

Capitalized ideas and systems that have not been so successful with hook Palantir started initial investment fund of the United States Intelligence Agency (US) nor the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), through its subsidiary called In-Q-Tel. CIA immerse investment of US $ 2 million.
Aside from the CIA, one of the founders Palantir fortunate are those who have always known tajir business startup. Friend Alex, namely Peter Thiel inject US $ 30 million through the Founders Fund.
One of the prime Palantir project is to develop a system of data analysis that resulted in early detection of related crimes. Palantir hunt for traces of traffic terrorist activity or malware fraud on internet channels.
Palantir also process data from the CIA's crimes so they can create software that allows the CIA to determine the movements of dangerous syndicates developed China and other countries.
Citing Forbes, it was rumored that Palantir is a startup that helps the US government to locate Osama bin Laden. Since then, Palantir increasingly recognized among the world intelijen.Apalagi, a number of important names in the military entered the ranks of the advisory board of the Palantir. Among former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former CIA Director George Tenet.
"I wish the Americans had the power Palantir before Sept. 11," said Gen. David Petraeus, the former head of the CIA as reported by Forbes. Petraeus calls Alex as a person with a brilliant brain.
After six years of working with the CIA, Alex began to bring Palantir working on larger markets. Alex began to expand to attract a number of clients. For example, Thomson Reuters, FBI, NSA, and the US Army.
Since its establishment until the end of 2011, Palantir earn revenues of US $ 250 million. Palantir soaring performance report card after expanding into the private market. A number of well-known clients Palantir include IBM, Booz Allen and Lockheed Martin.
Throughout 2015, as many as 60% of total revenue comes from the private sector Palantir. Palantir revenues exceeded US $ 450 million, up 50% from the previous year of US $ 300 million.
Business data analysis and data security brought Alexander Karp become new millionaires the world. Without a strong background in the field of information technology and network, not an obstacle for Alex raising Palantir Technologies. Armed with strong managerial skills, he was able to form a solid team that Palantir business booming. However, Palantir had tripped over a number of cases concerning the privacy of citizens.
Successfully developing company which originally only worth tens of millions of dollars and then transformed into a US $ 20 billion at the end of 2015, is certainly not an easy matter. This may be one of the greatest achievements Alexandar Karp, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Palantir Technologies.

Armed with strong managerial skills, Alex was able to conjure enterprise big data and data security service provider companies that be great as it is now.
Own assets of US $ 1.6 billion that have the nature of a perfectionist. This helped manage Palantir. Although not too much power in the field of information technology and network security, but Alex mamou create a strong team to develop the business of big data Palantir. For example, he can hold Peter Thiel, who founded PayPal.
Alex also has a strong and good business strategy to help Palantir berkembang.Diversifikasi products as well he did.
Based on the company's official website, Palantir has 18 services ranging from the anti-fraud, network security, insurance teknlogi analysis to some solutions that can be tailored to the client's wishes. However, if an outline, Palantir has two main products. Namely, Palantir Gotham used for analysis against terrorism. This product is intended for several government agencies.
In addition, Palantir Palantir Metropolis also has a product which is a product intended for private companies such as fund managers, banks and some other financial services firms.
Because of the company's business is closely related to the analysis of the personal data of people or institutions, Palantir often stumble problem. The last case when Palanthir cooperate with Wikileaks leaker track one of the Wikileaks documents.
The case began when one of the engineers Palantir agreed to perform a search and identification of groups that attempted cyber attacks against Wikileaks. The perpetrator was found, but how Palantir which encroached on the rights of privacy inviting harsh criticism.
The United States considers freedom activists Palantir activity is a potential threat because it can monitor the privacy of citizens.
After this incident, Alex decided to form a team tasked with monitoring the Palantir engineers who made an agreement that is unethical. Alex himself claims including those who respect the privacy of others.
But this incident is not too much affect vision and expansion step Palanthir. The company business is still enlarged. In fact, today Palantir is one of three startups alias startup that has the greatest valuation.
Value companies Palantir just lost Uber and Airbnb Xiaomi. Palantir's valuation could be the growing because the number of clients continues to grow Palantir.
Most recently, Palantir managed to hook the Swiss financial giant Credit Suisse Group AG. Palantir will provide data protection services for transactions that could potentially cause problems in the future. Credit Suisse took the Palantir after rivals in Swiss banks, namely UBS Group AG suffered a loss of US $ 2.3 billion of cyber-crime.